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“My car was hit and in pretty bad shape. We had it towed to Salatino’s for repair. One week later I picked it up and it looked better than it did before the accident happened. Who would have thought, that besides the awesome bodywork, they would detail the inside of my car?! It looks brand new. Fantastic job. I highly “wreck”ommend them!”


“I have just had the best experience from any automotive shop in the greater Tacoma area. I had an accident a couple of weeks ago and was referred to Salatino’s by my insurance agent. my truck was fixed in a very timely manor, and the repairs were done by a professional and it shows Will recommend these guys to.”


“I was climbing in and out of my car thru the passenger side because of my broken door…I was driving around getting quotes one day and went first to an autobody shop on So Tac Way ( I forget the name but they had good reviews). They quoted me somewhere upwards of $2,000. I left there and went to Salatinos next and they gave me a quote for a fourth of that price. I was skeptical at first thinking less expensive meant job not well done, but I left my car with them, and in great hands. They fixed my door ( to the extent of what they quoted me for). I’m super appreciative to be able get in and out of my car normally now lol. Thank you guys, you guys are awesome!”


“I’ve had my 2011 Cadillac hit twice in 6 months and the guys at Salatinos took excellent care of me both times. Kept me posted on the progress and when the second one happened they still remembered me by my first name! Great customer service, very friendly, and the only body shop I will ever use or recommend! Special thanks to Jared! He’s amazing and understanding!”


“I’m very satisfied with my experience. My parked brand new car was slightly dented and gashed all along the driver side 2 doors, and fortunately the person who hit me set up a claim with her insurance company before I even knew about the accident. The insurance company sent me to Salatino’s to get an estimate, but told me I could use any body shop. After getting the estimate from Salatino’s I decided to go ahead and have them do the work, as they appeared to be knowledgable and competent and able to handle all the dealings with the insurance company. I’m very glad I did. My car is a very unusual color, and they were able to match it perfectly. (Apparently none of the body shops get the paint from the auto manufacturer; they make the color based on the color formula they get from the manufacturer).

It looks just like new now. The damage was only on the doors, but they explained that the paint should blend in the body in front of and behind the doors. Whatever they did, it worked, as it’s impossible to tell the car has been repaired and painted. They have a relationship with a nearby Enterprise car rental, so those folks came and picked me up within a few minutes of my calling. My car was ready a couple days earlier than promised. I thought I’d have to drive the Enterprise rental car back to Enterprise and then get a lift back to Salatino’s to get my car. But no, the guy at Salatino’s took care of getting my rental car back to Enterprise. That saved me some time and hassle, and I really appreciated that extra service. Another nice little touch was I got daily pictures showing the progress of the work.

I’d definitely go back to Salatino’s if I ever need to again, even if I didn’t have an insurance claim to pay for it. Even though there are several other body shops closer to me. But I hope I never have to.”


“I am writing about the professionalism and the compassion this shop expressed when my 86 year old mother got into a bad car accident almost right in front of this place. She was taking a left from 56th onto Adams and was hit hard while taking that left. They got the car out of the road and performed an estimate. She was hit hard, not hurt, thank God, but the car was totaled. We didn’t know what to do, as my dad bought it custom made from Mrs. McCann of Osborne McCann (no longer around, they sold). The manager, Jerad, let us keep the car there for 1 week while we were deciding what the hec to do with it.

No charge, they fielded calls from potential buyers, I posted on Craigs List thinking many would love the car and either fix it or want it for the parts. I didn’t post their phone number, I posted mine. But I couldn’t answer the technical questions and told them where the car was. My sister was in a similar situation at another shop and they wanted to charge her $100 a day to keep the car there, hers also totaled and was an insurance thing. Geez, no more accidents family!! Anyway, EVERYONE at this shop were so nice and showed such empathy for my family’s situation. My whole family will take their car there if we ever need that type of service, just for they way they treated my mom’s situation, plus it looks like they do great work, lots of very nice cars in the shop being worked on.”


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